Microfon Conferinta Digital Conf IV

Microfon Conferinta Digital Conf IV

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Set de 4 microfoane de conferinta Digital Conf IV, cu un design placut, robust si cu performanta pe masura asteptarilor.Indicat a se folosi maxim 16 microfoane intr-o camera 

Specificatii pentru Digital Conf IV:

Use UHF 500-980MHz  range ,adopt PLL combined technology . The transmitter power is adjustable . They can be used several sets at the same time without interference  .
*CPU control with LCD display makes operation easy and performance outstanding .
*Use multi-channel with high frequency to avoid the interference .
*With audio compressing-expanding technology. The machine can reduce the noises and increase the dynamic range .
*Having backsound restrain function can avoid backsound scream. 
*The receiver adopt multi-level high frequency enlargement ,so that has the high sensitivity .
*Multi-level noise supervisory circuit .Special with the tone locked system make the machine have a strong anti-jamming characteristics .
*Using the best parts and CPU to keep the products with the perfect performance .
*100 meters in best condition ,60 meters in normal condition .The largest using range is above 100 meters in the spacious place ,50 meters for the ideal using range .

Technical specification :
Frequency range :UHF 500-980MHz adopt CPU control 
Frequency stability :<±10ppm 
Operating range :>105dB 
T.H. D distortion :<0.5%
Frequency response :40Hz -18KHz 
Audio frequency output :balanced output :0-600mV 
                        Unbalanced output 0-300mV 
Tone frequency :32K-51.2KHz 
Frequency range :500-980MHz (Adjustable)
Operating voltage :DC-12V/1000mA 
S/N ratio:>105dB 
T. H. D distortion :<0.5%
Frequency response :40Hz-18KHz 
Noise locked +pilot tone locked 
3)TRANSMITTER (Wireless conference microphone )
Operating frequency :500-980MHz (Ajustable)
Transmitter power : H 10dBm ,L 5dBm 
Cartridge gain adjusting :-20dB to 35dB 
Modulate mode : FM 
With FM Max frequency adjusting : ±45KHz 
High wave : Power supply :2*AA batteries ,standing time :about 8 hours

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Reg. Com.: J22/415/2010

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